Pro Painters Do More Than Just Paint

Well, you don’t say! Of course the professional painters fairfax county va project will be covering your house’s walls, both inside and out, with paint. If not your home, could be your commercial or industrial business premises, that too. No doubt there’s a reason why this is referred to as a professional paint job, an inside job and an outside job. The paint goes on and it stays on, at least for the next seven to twenty years.

Now, the range of years suggested here is as per the service provider that you are dealing with. Each professional painting company will have its own set of criteria. There will be different motivations for stipulating and sticking to the warranty period offered. Let’s start with the so-called seven-year itch then. Seven years is still a long time in anyone’s books. But in comparison to the long-term warranty, this shorter warranty period does have its advantages.

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One advantage is of course that your premises, domestic or commercial, is always guaranteed its fresh coat of paint. And particularly pertinent for the industrial environment, this may very well be an honest reflection. This takes into account the intensity of likely external infringements that could negatively affect the integrity of your wall’s strength. How quickly walls could become damaged and dirtied in an industrial setting.

There is just far too much pollution in the immediate environment that allows for it to be acceptable or passable. To counter the effects of industrial, as well as natural, pollution and other infringements it becomes necessary for your professional painting contractor to add yet another coat. This is not another coat of paint in the truest sense. It could be another solution that provides surfaces with protection from corrosive activities as well.